Let’s say everyone is homosexual regarding Celestial Kingdom

Let’s say everyone is homosexual regarding Celestial Kingdom

In mention of the it remark out of over: “Monogamist partners assist those individuals worth exaltation regarding development but they don’t rule as Gods. This is the philosophy within our LDS scriptures today and you can followed closely by Fundamentalist LDS.

For the reference to so it comment of significantly more than: “132 plus makes it possible for polyandry of these women who need certainly to wed men holding a high priesthood.”

This does not appear to be the conventional MO, shouldn’t they realize: 132 allows one which have a top priesthood to wed other man’s wife when the he chooses. ?

History Lemming, if perhaps you were asked to get in to your homosexual plural wedding from inside the brand new Celestial empire, could you accomplish that?

A beneficial Vibe. Polygamy into the paradise is not always on which someone desires. Its concerning undeniable fact that its you to definitely probable chance for how it might create whether some one desires it or perhaps not. I for one don’t want to stop something if there’s no reason behind and come up with a reason. We finish that i perform exactly what I’m requested, any type of which is.

And many individuals do think one its philosophy are a foundation to make an explanation on which you may anticipate in the next lifestyle.

Really, probably the copywriter jesus doesn’t want polygamy from inside the paradise for everyone I know. Why would the guy in reality? Don’t I recently declare that none We neither no-one otherwise keeps the solution? After that why are you also asking?

A Disposition told you: “FYI – Warren Jeff’s, the newest fundamentalist guy, is actually incarcerated and no expanded a great “prophet” by his or her own entryway.”

I am aware I would personally alternatively head to heck than manage you to that

Brand new doctrine and you will theories for the plural wedding failed to are from Warren Jeff’s, they originated in Joseph Smith as they are contained in the Doctrine and you may Covenants. Their part is irrelevant. Most polygamists within country don’t pursue Warren Jeff’s and you will thought on their own “independents” one to examine our very own church participants as “promote outs”. Separate fundamentalists even more diligently stick to the theories and doctrine taught because of the Joseph Smith or other LDS prophets.

In the event that our church not any longer believes within the plural wedding given that a good requirement for exaltation then let’s LDS frontrunners remove it away from the scriptures? How come it consistently https://datingranking.net/senior-friend-finder-review/ practice “religious plural marriage” on temples for males exactly who remarry?

“In the event the our very own church not believes during the plural matrimony given that a beneficial requirement for exaltation following let’s LDS leadership eliminate it of our scriptures? How come they always habit “spiritual plural wedding” about temples for men whom remarry?”

For everyone we know, this can be only holdover otherwise vestige throughout the plural matrimony stuff that has not yet not survived but really totally, and maybe later new Church usually takes steps in order to entirely renounce it. Or at least its a sign your Chapel extremely never performed change the key philosophy, and that it manage restore plural relationships when your latest buy out-of one thing was basically shaken up-and folded. That is the reason. What good does it to inquire of these questions, or started to conclusions of any sort after they simply wade unanswered? And all you have made are a lot of people with views?

Responding so you can: Brand new doctrine and you can theories towards the plural e from Joseph Smith and are within our very own Philosophy and you can Covenants. Your own part are irrelevant.

Nearly, the overriding point is that folks whom go after JS’s polygamy doctrine prevent right up incarcerated (after that now). Jeffs simply grabbed it to another level because of the looking to verify the newest philosophy now together with his claim given that a beneficial prophet.

In response to: If the all of our church don’t believes when you look at the plural marriage because the a dependence on exaltation after that why don’t LDS leaders remove it regarding our scriptures?

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